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The Interact-AS Communication Suite

In 1883, the editor of the American Annals of the Deaf wrote, "It is not unreasonable to hope that some instrument will yet be contrived that will transcribe ordinary human utterance.” After a wait of over a century, what was once a dream is now available product. Individuals with communication disabilities are using the Interact-AS Communications Suite wherever they go: at work, at parties, in stores, restaurants, religious services, classroom and more – direct personal communication anywhere, anytime with anyone.

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Award Winning ProductsSTAR Award

There is a reason why Auditory Sciences is a STAR Winner for Assistive Technology – their products are making a difference in people’s lives. To compare Interact-AS with other approaches, click here; and for a comparison sheet showing the difference between the Professional and Consumer Editions of Interact-AS, please click here.

One Product with Many Uses

  • Individuals who are Deaf are directly communicating with people who do not know sign language, no need for a third-party stranger to listen in on your conversations;
  • People that are Hard-of-Hearing are using Interact-AS’s instant closed-captioned transcript feature (less than a one second delay – much faster than CART systems). From conversations to conference room discussions, to radio broadcasts, or video programming, Interact-AS is your answer.
  • People that have difficulty writing or typing are using their voice to type memos and documents;
  • Individuals that have difficulty speaking are using Interact-AS to voice aloud whatever they write or type; and
  • People that have difficulty reading are using Interact-AS to have text read aloud to them.

Select the Version that is Best for You

Select the version that best meets your communication needs: the Professional Edition with all features of the entire suite; or the Consumer Edition with pricing that is affordable for everyone. Perhaps you work in a business that wants to be in compliance with ADA regulations, or you are educator looking for affordable and effective communication systems for the classroom, or an individual that is deaf or hard of hearing that wants to remove communication barriers -- in all cases Interact-AS is your your answer.

Interact-AS Professional EditionInteract-AS for the Workplace

The Professional Edition, includes all the features of the entire communication suite: synchronized voice recording, one touch favorites lists, zero click term expansion, PhraseBuiding shortcuts, sociable sounds, visual speech indicators, plus a closed captioning module that can be used for in-person conversations, Skype phone calls, webinars, classroom presentations, conference room meetings, and even radio broadcasts and television programs. The Professional Edition also includes support for dialects, accents and dozens of languages; now you can hold conversations with individuals in Spanish, Vietnamese, Russian, Mandarin and more.

  • Configure your Interact-AS Professional System by clicking here.

Interact-AS Consumer EditionInteract-AS for Educators

For those of you who asked for a scaled down version of Interact-AS, here is your answer. The Consumer Edition includes many of the features of the Professional Edition, but uses Microsoft's speech recognition and voice synthesis engines. With the Consumer Edition you can still close caption conversations anytime, anywhere.

Let’s Get Interacting !!!

Learn More

Now that you have learned a bit about the Interact-AS Communication System, let’s get you Interacting right away.

  • Designing your own personal Interact communication system is easy. You can get started by clicking here.
  • To download and print out a summary sheet of the Interact-AS Communication System, please click here.
  • To view videos showing how Interact-AS works, please click here.
  • Or you can visit our website or our Facebook Page.

And as always, if you have any questions, just send us a note and we will be glad to help.


Robert Palmquist, President and User of Auditory Sciences Products

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